About UGC - Human Resource Development Centre

The UGC - Human Resource Development Centre, Kumaun University, Nainital was sanctioned by the UGC, New Delhi on 10th October 2006, constituted by the University on 28th October 2006 and started functioning on 12th February 2007. In addition to conducting Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses, the
Human Resource Development Centre also undertakes a number of innovative extension activities..


Its vision includes:

bullet Aiding the capacity building and overall personality development of the teachers. Arranging lectures on varied subjects such as stress management, time management, communication skills, inter-personal relationships, first aid training, etc.
bullet Ensuring that all programmes focus on new concepts and emerging trends in the area of research and academics.
bullet Compiling supplementary reading material for the participants of the various training courses, and module building on communication skills, pedagogy, etc.
bullet Creating awareness and stimulating interest about relevant regional issues like biodiversity conservation and disaster management in the region through lectures and mock exercises.
bullet Building a rich library to make the UGC-Academic Staff College a hub of academic activities.
bullet Conducting short term courses and programmes for non-teaching staff and administrative staff of the University.