Directors Message

The Future belongs to those who can be trained and retrained again and again.
- Daniel Burns.

Teachers of the 21st Century

Of all the species which inhabit the earth, the human off-spring are the most vulnerable and dependent. Therefore, sensitivity, compassion and empathy become essential pre-requisite traits for care givers and teachers in human society. I believe that teachers should not be labeled as good or bad, there are merely compassionate and non- compassionate teachers. Teachers today need to cultivate high emotional intelligence and to build emotional bridges with students. There is a need to generate the bonding hormone oxytocin by investing in happier relationships. The second quality which in my belief is essential for a teacher is commitment driven by passion, grit, humour and creativity. I have come across many amazing teachers doing wonderful work in very difficult and challenging conditions. The reason they are able to overcome adversity and perform well is because for them teaching is not merely a job, rather it is a calling. 
The education system, despite its critics, need not be entirely changed. Continuity is desirable as long as we continue to learn and grow consciously. The army of teachers across India who are holding our education system together just need to utilize the space already available for building skills of compassion, character, critical thinking and collaboration in the UGC-HRDCs. The skills that you as participants will learn during the span of your course here are those that you require most in your future. The survival of the fittest is no longer as relevant to 21st Century Teachers, as the survival of the kindest is. Therefore live like a proton i.e. always positive. Try to love humans not only technology, believing both in quality and quantity in the field of higher education aiming for both diversification and proliferation of  education.


Prof. B. L. Sah
UGC - Human Resource Development Centre
Kumaun University, Nainital